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Dr. BiovedaTM is a technology company built around 21st century proprietary Ayurveda based technology and the latest e-commerce platform which integrates sales with digital payments, a virtual office with the latest business tools, and a dashboard to monitor sales performance.
Ayurvedic formulation treated with Bio-Resonance Technology becomes very effective and gives the consumer measurable results rapidly. All our products are developed based on traditional herbal formulas. Like all original AYURVEDA remedies, they address underlying conditions that cause the disease and help our bodies to resist and overcome the problems naturally. They considered a food supplement and may improve your quality of life.
Dr. Bioveda is a direct selling company. 9 out of 10 families you know can use one or multiple Dr.Bioveda supplements. We created a simple and very flexible business model to give all our members and their customers fast and affordable access to our products.
The Biophotone Resonance technology (BRT) allows to identify specific energies of the herbal formulas, record them and amplify them to the level much higher than even in the live herbs and infuse them back into the original formulations. As a result, we have the traditional, safe, natural herbal Ayurveda formulas which can compete with allopathic medicine.
Our mission is: To improve the quality of life health and prosperity of the community. We recognize that people are our greatest assets. We provide members of our organization and local communities with unique opportunities to learn about a healthy lifestyle, share the knowledge and build a solid financial foundation for their families.